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Mike Marleau

First Name : Mike
Last Name : Marleau
Gender : Male
Age: 47
Occupation: Carpenter/contractor
City : Nanaimo
Country : CA

A very incomplete list of what you will encounter while dating Mike:

- a trap line of other women who he keeps on the hook for back up for when yours fails
- self-confessed to be a compulsive cheater
- he will likely tell you he loves you within weeks of meeting, and you will be babysitting his kids within a month.
- a highly dysfunctional relationship with a very angry ex, the mother of his three children, mostly caused by the amount of effort she has to put in to get the meager child support he gives her, and the fact that he regularly disappoints his waiting children, because...
- he will disappear for a few days at a time, during which time he will...
- engage in coke benders, with an annual budget of around $20,000. His habit extends back about 20 years
- regular engaging of the services of prostitutes
- when coming down from these benders, he will literally DEMAND you service him, to the point of sexual assault
- this sometimes happens in the company of his children, incidentally
- theft, from you and also from virtually every store you enter with him
- eventually he will not have money to pay his rent, child support, sub-trades... and will ask you for a loan. You will have to extort it from him to get it back
- he starts fights with total denial of all of this, will pretend that it\\\'s perfectly normal behaviour that you are over-reacting to, and eventually tell you and all the other women he knows that youre crazy
- will blame you for all problems in his life
- when you ask him to leave, he won't, without a police escort. If you think that will be the end of it, you'd be wrong, he will just keep returning.
- when you do break with him successfully he will retaliate very aggressively

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