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Private investigator Brad Sparkman Plant City, Florida

First Name : Private investigator
Last Name : Brad Sparkman
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : Plant City
State : FL
Country : US

Private investigator Brad Sparkman is a 53 year old man that was living off his 24 year old girlfriend until she kicked him out. He got back at her by slandering her name all over the internet claiming that she cheated on him. She was forced to get a injunction against him for stalking in Hillsborough County Florida. Private Investigator Brad Sparkman has violated that stalking injunction and entered a plea in case number 18-cm-4918a in Hillsborough County Florida. Stay away from this man.

8 thoughts on “Private investigator Brad Sparkman Plant City, Florida

  1. Brad Sparkman also tried to ruin my life over 11 years ago. He filed a made up restraining order against me in retaliation for breaking up with him. He said I entered his home and attacked him and he was afraid I was going to kill him. Yet in this supposed attack he didn’t call the police (because it never happened). He told me it was called a character assassination on me for embarrassing him. It cost me $7000 to get my life back. He is a good liar and manipulator of the system because he’s in with the system. He is dangerous and calculating. He doesn’t just walk away, he makes sure to take you down. I was a single mother of 2. He won’t stop until someone puts him behind bars. It’s a shame that I see all these years later that he’s still ruining innocent women and children’s lives.

  2. This guy is straight whacked out!!! He was always in the bars years ago, getting his b**t beat all of the time.
    I personally saw him get his a*s whipped one night. I’m just surprised that the guy is still around. Go away dude!
    Game over!!!!!

  3. A 24 year old woman should know better than to want to hook up with an old man more than twice her age. What does she see in this old fart? Daddy issues? Have generations of single moms failed their daughters so much that these daughters look for father figures after they’re grown adults? Hoping that is not the case, here. But this man does not look rich. There’s no need for a woman that young (who can do a lot better) hooking up with his old a*s. Men over 40 do not need to be with much younger women, especially making babies with them. Their seed has an expiration date, just like a woman’s reproductive system does. This is one of the reasons why there are so many babies out there with ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Autism, and other birth and brain defects. Stick with men who are much closer to your age! Your children will thank you for it!

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