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Peter Bromfield Tempe, Arizona

First Name : Peter
Last Name : Bromfield
Gender : M
Age : 49
City : Tempe
State : AZ
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (407)639-0611
Alias 1 : Haseeb2
Alias 2 : Rastus

I keep posting, because I’m lonely. I post because I want your love ❤️ and attention. I post mean things about women because I hate them. I hate them because they steal the attention that I want from other men.

I’m lonely, sad, gay, and I’m longing for attention. Your attention. I often visit racist sites, because I secretly fantasize about being bound, kidnapped, whipped and taken advantage of by racist white men. I want to be your slave! I’ve been opened up by bbc many times, but I want something different. I have jerked off and came so many times watching Ned Beatty being used and abused by that toothless hillbilly in the movie, “Deliverance”, that I crack a fat and bust a nut, every time I hear banjos. My a*s gets so hot and hungry when I read your racial slurs on those nasty racist websites. I pretend not to like it and get p****d off, but I really love it. It gets me off! I’m stroking it, every time you call me the n word.

I want you to make me bathe in Mountain Dew, while you p**s in my face. Mound me on top of your rebel flag! Soothe the inside of my buttocks with baby oil, motor oil, Shedds Spread, lard, WD-40…whatever you hillbillies use, and open me up. Then let me suck you dry! I go a*s to mouth better than any tuna b***h p**n star.

Send all your d**k pics to me: [email protected]

Call me up for some hot gay phone s*x: 407-639-0611

6 thoughts on “Peter Bromfield Tempe, Arizona

    1. Come to me… You have my address. Come to me at night (around 10PM) any day of the week. Let me know you are in town 30 minutes before you arrive. I will leave my windows and front door unlocked, so feel free to either slide my window open and climb in or just walk right in through my door. I will be waiting for you…

      Post your name, address and phone number for the sake of reference.

  1. U will have the 👮 there. U scared p u s s y!

    Work that A S S more, like this guy. I wanna wreck ur butth0le!

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