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Paul Milovich Huntington Beach, California

First Name : Paul
Last Name : Milovich
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : Huntington Beach
State : CA
Country : US


—– Forwarded Message —–

From: xxxxxx
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 00:13:44 -0500
Subject: talked to Lori on Friday & wanted to follow up with this
To: Xxxxx


I spoke with Lori again this Friday because Paul called me and came over to my house….

I spoke with my sister and friends about all that has happened. I feel morally obligated as a human being to reach out to you one last time with this email.

If Paul would’ve married you under honest circumstances and left me alone I probably would’ve even thought about you or be sending you this email…. But during the past 5 weeks he expressed regret, asked me if I would take him back if he divorced you, said bad things about you to me (and to other people at the gym – I would be happy to tell you what they are), called you controlling (I know that one all to well – Paul hates to be controlled), and I kept thinking… what has this girl gotten into. I felt sick for you. I’ve had bad dreams about you and I don’t even know you!

Paul and I had a tumultuous relationship. He has an addictive personality and a short and violent temper. He did horrible things over the years and when I caught him, he’d beg me to forgive him, turn it around and somehow make it my fault and make me feel guilty. I was a victim of his charm and manipulation. Please beware.

I thought you should see this story he wrote that I found on a disc at my house along with a “Barely Legal” p**n DVD at my home. This was the last straw (after he admitted he was addicted to crystal meth and was shooting steroids – I found syringes, losing his temper all the time and never followed up going to NA) and I asked him to move out in September. Paul has always had an addiction to p*********y (the sick kind). I have fought with him for years over this and so did his ex-wife. It’s referenced in his divorce paperwork (which is at my house) – she accused him of being a pedophile and claimed she found stories and pictures at their house. He told me that she was lying and I believed him. I also have handwritten stories at my home too that I can show you. I tried to get him to work with a therapist to get help as I felt sorry for him. He is really good at making you feel sorry for him.

If you keep a watchful eye out on his notebooks that he has everywhere I’m sure you will find more “stories”. A leopard can’t change his spots.

Paul is coming to you with nothing. He did this with me. His wife “threw him out with nothing”. Paul cannot make it on his own and as he puts it – “he needs the security” of being with a woman (he actually told this to one of his clients and they told me). I turned him down so he latched on to you. I wish his ex-wife would’ve warned me. Marriage you should be built with mutual respect, honesty, trust, love and shared values. Yours is starting out with lies and deception.

Please feel to call me. My sister is willing to talk to you if you’d like. She is my best friend as Lori is to you I will even meet you if you’d like, so you can look me in the eye. I AM NOT LYING ABOUT ANY OF THIS.
If you choose not to contact me, that is fine. I will respect that and not contact you again.


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