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Paul Buckley All over the UK, travels to the US also., –

First Name : Paul
Last Name : Buckley
Gender : M
Age : 35
City : All over the UK, travels to the US also.
State : -
Country : GB
Alias 1 : Baby Love Saint
Alias 2 : LilOneUK
Alias 3 : Joey Beattie

Uses Joey and LoveSaint in multiple profiles. Always mentions his diaper fetish in his profiles, except the one he messaged me with but he deleted that one ages ago.
That pic is years old and it hides most of his morbidly obese body but he mostly uses it everywhere he makes a profile. He uses the age ranges of 32-35 but is much older than that.
Your typical covert narcissist really. Uses women for s*x, lies to them to get s*x, tries to get you to buy him expensive things, arrogant, controlling, when you dump him he keeps coming back, i told he latest girlfriend what he’d been doing behind her back to get rid of him but he’s still been back in contact since and i just laugh at him whenever he contacts me because i know what he is and he is not for me. I said i’d expose him if he didn’t leave me alone so here i am.

2 thoughts on “Paul Buckley All over the UK, travels to the US also., –

  1. I met up with him in August of 2017 and can confirm he looks nothing like his profile pics -you can tell they are of him but he is way fatter and going bald. Luckily I always get a friend to call me to make sure I am safe on dates and had to leave because of an ’emergency’. I blocked him on my phone as soon as he sent me a text to say he’d had a nice and time and was making sure I got home safe, I did not feel safe with someone who lies and then is so confident about it as well.
    His profile name was LoveSaint, but a slightly different pic. He seemed nice from talking to him but I never trust anyone who is fake and it seems I was right not to. At least he paid for the meal so I didn’t waste any money on him.

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