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Patrick Barnett Portland, Oregon

First Name : Patrick
Last Name : Barnett
Gender : M
Age : 41
City : Portland
State : OR
Country : US
Alias 1 : Sonny Noble

This guy is not only extremely controlling and possessive, but a serial liar and cheater. Beware of his sob stories (they really are pitiful, too) and if you do choose to date him watch as he moves in on top of you and sucks your finances and liquor cabinet dry. He has a void where his soul should be and will seduce and hypnotize women with his silver tongue while lining up multiple others. He is an extremely talented manipulator– you will probably not suspect he’s cheating for months before it comes out. He can’t get his life together at ALL- in fact barely functions in the adult world… always just a hair away from homelessness but always has a bunch of really convincing reasons why that isn’t his fault/life has just been so unfair. He will drag you into some kind of fantasy world where you fix him up and have a happy ending together but really he is unofficially pimping every girl he gets with. You will work your a*s off to support his drinking and drug habits, he will sit around the house and be your glorified gigolo. Romantic. He WILL NOT WORK a job so just give up on anything like that lasting, and has something like a total of 5-7 children out there who never see a penny of child support. He can only work under the table type jobs and always talks about how he is going to sell a movie someday (he fancies himself some kind of film production genius) but it’s all talk. He has no real drive and his life is a shambles of past mistakes that are still following him around to this day. You might still think he’s worth your energy but soon he will grow bored of you no matter what you do for him and the relationship will turn violent and abusive. He has a slew of restraining orders from past relationships and none of his baby mommas want him near their children by him… that says enough right there. He is also a registered s*x offender, has a mouth full of rotting teeth, and wets the bed. How he continues to get over by charming multiple smart, independent women is a mystery among all of us who know about each other. There is even a support group over Facebook for his baby mommas/abuse victims to band together because it’s a unique feeling, getting screwed over by this guy. He’s a disgusting human being and deserves to have his b***s ripped off and shoved down his throat. STAY FAR AWAY and if he has already started his seduction, RUN NOW before things get toxic. He is dangerous and most of us are afraid of him because he turns psychopathic when you call him on his bullshit. He has threatened to come to my job and throw my nude photos around the store like confetti because I stopped sending him money. He ain’t s**t and needs to stop getting away with terrorizing and using women, and for gods sake make him wear a condom because he uses pregnancy to trap women historically

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