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Nicole Maxwell Wilmington, North Carolina

First Name : Nicole
Last Name : Maxwell
Gender : F
Age : 34
City : Wilmington
State : NC
Country : US

Holy C**p, where do I begin?

Do you want to be embarrassed in public? Well here’s your girl. This psycho looney-tune will spill her life story to anyone whos willing to look her way. I went on ONE date with this girl.. ONE. And that’s already embarrassing enough, however, Nicole proceeded to talk extremely loudly as if she wanted the entire restaurant to hear her conversation. She spilled her second glass of wine all over her hot pink way too tight skirt and made a huge scene. She yelled out the poor waiter and made him think it was his fault but he was no where around. I texted my friend to call me with an emergency but when I told her my dear old grandad had a heart attack Nicole grabbed my hand and made me sit back down. She wouldn’t even let me go to the restroom because she knew I was fibbing and trying to excuse myself from this date that I couldn’t imagine could get any worse. But it did. She proceeded to order two entrees as she said her mom loves Talapia and she wanted to take some home to her. Nicole ran up a huge tab between to go orders and wine and didn’t offer to help at all or say thanks. At first this girl seems like she would be a fun time. NO H**L NO. Run as far as you can until you can’t see her big a*s nose anymore.

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