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Nico Conti Cleveland, Ohio

First Name : Nico
Last Name : Conti
Gender : M
Age : 28
City : Cleveland
State : OH
Country : US
Alias 1 : Theo
Alias 2 : Dr. Conti

Found out from two random women through social media that he was concurrently dating and sleeping with at least 3 women over the course of at least 8 months, while pathologically lying to keep them all in the relationship. Keeps one as the public girlfriend, displaying her to his friends, family, and medical colleagues. Then has other out-of-town “long distance girlfriends” who he convinces them to visit him and when the main girlfriend is out of town or on vacation. None of the out-of-town women suspect anything because he is a doctor and claims that he is extremely busy with work. He also states that he is an extremely private person, so he refuses to put up any photos of any of the women on social media. All the women think that they are his only girlfriend and do not know about any of the others. When confronted, he completely denies everything and claims that the other woman is “psycho” and is stalking him. When confronted with actual proof of wrongdoing, he takes back his words and invents further lies. Other offenses include manipulative behavior and gaslighting.

One thought on “Nico Conti Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Nico found me on a dating app and said he wanted a real relationship with me. He said he was single and wanted to be with me but is super busy with residency so I could only visit on specific weekends when he was free. He said he was looking forward to not just the s*x but the relationship too. One of his girlfriends found me online to warn me and I was so shocked because he seems like a very nice and normal person on the outside. He is a horrible person and disgusting pig

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