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Nico Conti Cleveland, Ohio

First Name : Nico
Last Name : Conti
Gender : M
Age : 28
City : Cleveland
State : OH
Country : US
Alias 1 : Theo
Alias 2 : Dr. Conti

Found out from two random women through social media that he was concurrently dating and sleeping with at least 3 women over the course of at least 8 months, while pathologically lying to keep them all in the relationship. Keeps one as the public girlfriend, displaying her to his friends, family, and medical colleagues. Then has other out-of-town “long distance girlfriends” who he convinces them to visit him and when the main girlfriend is out of town or on vacation. None of the out-of-town women suspect anything because he is a doctor and claims that he is extremely busy with work. He also states that he is an extremely private person, so he refuses to put up any photos of any of the women on social media. All the women think that they are his only girlfriend and do not know about any of the others. When confronted, he completely denies everything and claims that the other woman is “psycho” and is stalking him. When confronted with actual proof of wrongdoing, he takes back his words and invents further lies. Other offenses include manipulative behavior and gaslighting.

2 thoughts on “Nico Conti Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Nico found me on a dating app and said he wanted a real relationship with me. He said he was single and wanted to be with me but is super busy with residency so I could only visit on specific weekends when he was free. He said he was looking forward to not just the s*x but the relationship too. One of his girlfriends found me online to warn me and I was so shocked because he seems like a very nice and normal person on the outside. He is a horrible person and disgusting pig

  2. These comments above are absolutely true. Dr. Nico Conti (musician stage name Nico Noir) has already been banned from Bumble. Recently he has manipulated at least 5 women into sleeping with him, at least 3 of which he called his girlfriend (two long-distance, one in the same city) who all had every reason to believe he was monogamous. In the past he has pathologically lied and cheated over and over again and has gotten away with it consistently because of his charming and innocent demeanor. During a 4 year relationship he has had multiple affairs including one with a woman in Brazil for a course of at least a year who he flew to Brazil and Miami to f**k (and told his girlfriend at the time that he took the vacations by himself). Subsequently he cheated on his next medical school girlfriend with at least 2 (confirmed but likely more) other women, both of whom he led to believe was his girlfriend while on top of that trying to pursue even more women. He has lied to current women about the reason why all of his public/long-term relationships have not worked out. He tells everyone it was difference of personality differences “but we are still on good terms” or that it was the woman’s fault–in reality it was because he got caught in a web of lies, cheating and deception. Multiple long-term ex-girlfriends are still in therapy from realizing the deception that was so unexpected and shocking even after they were dating for years. He acts very friendly, innocent, and genuine which makes the revelations even more horrifying. He is well respected among peers who do not know anout the pathological lying and psychopathic tendencies. He often talks about the importance of morals and convincingly discusses how he looks down on cheating and how disgusting cheating is. He talks about how others have cheated on him before. He talks about how he always trusts his girlfriend and would expect the same. All of these reassurances and statements are meant to manipulate and throw each woman off track. He does work hard but uses work as an excuse to why he cannot see each woman on a regular basis. His parents are wonderful people and likely do are completely oblivious that their son is a pathological liar and psychopath. He is very in-tune with people and learns their behavior well to facilitate the manipulation and deception, knowing the exact things to say to each woman to gain her trust, play into her insecurities, and to get away with lying over and over. He is very adept at mimicking human emotions and reactions, so that he comes across as shy, genuine, sweet (not cocky at all). He sometimes uses sob stories such as the death of his medical school friend, death of his grandparents to manipulate and acquire sympathy. As soon as he is confronted about cheating he completely denies it and invents a completely false alternate story that is believable just because he is so charming/sweet/innocent in demeanor. When there is finally no way out, he creates other lies trying to explain what drove him to cheat, or shuts the woman out completely and disappears without remorse, apology or explanation–this has happened before to women who he has known for years or even who were close to his family. He has many childhood friends who he is close with, and he is close with his family and talks about these things often–this paints the picture that he is a upstanding trustworthy man–all factors that throw his partners off track. This man is a pathological liar with no remorse or conscience, a true psychopath, a possible s*x addict, and has the potential to be very very dangerous to women. I truly pray that this pathological behavior never extends to his patients in the future but this is a definite possibility.

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