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Michael Shanahan Crestline, California

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Shanahan
Gender : M
Age : 60
City : Crestline
State : CA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (303)596-6078
Alias 1 : Mike Shanahan
Alias 2 : Mike Patrick Shanahan
Alias 3 : Michael Patrick Shanahan

Don’t let this man con you out of your home and life savings and have a Vegas Wedding with Elvis as the minister.He’s slick and you will be legal wife number 4 and wife number 5 if you count the baby momma from the 70’s. He will “love bomb” you with love letters and shower you with gifts and affection until he gets his way. He’s a con artist and he won’t stop until he get’s you into his web. He has a violent temper and will bullie you into submission. He’s not a decorated Vietnam Navy Corpsman and he isn’t a disabled vet. He’s the healthiest person with Diabetes you will meet…and the impotence is real. He’s not a Christian man at not fall for this. He talks about killing people in the desert and bashing relatives brains in with hammers. His talk is so odd and violent. He even claims to have killed someone in the Phillipines that is an unsolved murder. He’s charming an ex actor who will give you his black and white head shots from the 70’s to woo you and send you pictures of his grandchildren. Remember ladies he has three sets of kids with three different ladies and he abandoned them all. Run, did I say run as fast as you can.

One thought on “Michael Shanahan Crestline, California

  1. Photo of him wearing a Navy Corpsman hat he uses to brag and get discounts and more. He was an E-2 for 8 months in the Navy – not an E-# Navy Corspman.

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