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Michael Richard El Cajon, California

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Richard
Gender : M
Age : 33
City : El Cajon
State : CA
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (619)597-8296
Website 2 : click to view website

I am the self depreciating writer of this entry : Depressed , co-dependent , lives with parents , terrified of s*x , terrified of pets , under-employed , calls too often , often tries to hold hands or give back-rubs, sleeps too much , spaces out , explicitly against smoking of any kind , too wimpy for alcohol, embarrassing as he is boring, blasphemous , does not question you , tiny p***s , often visits your place of worship on Sundays, wears ear-plugs at concerts, stops at yellow lights while driving, loves vegetables, black-listed from the military, grinds teeth at night and smells awful despite excessive shower sessions . Honesty this explicit is clearly proof of some severe psychological problems. #TMI


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