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Michael Richard El Cajon, California

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Richard
Gender : M
Age : 33
City : El Cajon
State : CA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (619)597-8296
Website 2 : click to view website

I am the self depreciating writer of this entry : Depressed , co-dependent , lives with parents , terrified of s*x , terrified of pets , under-employed , calls too often , often tries to hold hands or give back-rubs, sleeps too much , spaces out , explicitly against smoking of any kind , too wimpy for alcohol, embarrassing as he is boring, blasphemous , does not question you , tiny p***s , often visits your place of worship on Sundays, wears ear-plugs at concerts, stops at yellow lights while driving, loves vegetables, black-listed from the military, grinds teeth at night and smells awful despite excessive shower sessions . Honesty this explicit is clearly proof of some severe psychological problems. #TMI


2 thoughts on “Michael Richard El Cajon, California

  1. Hmmm… goes to church, against something that causes lung cancer, doesn’t drink alcohol, likes to hold a loved one’s hand and give a back rub, chooses to protect his ears (yes, loud noise over time permanently damages ears), and lives with his parents in the state of CA. Most people in their early thirties live with family in overpriced CA. Not only does he drive cautiously but also eats well. Hmmm… True Psychos don’t taken care of themselves, nor are they cautious, nor are they giving. I dare say that the person who posted was dumped and is perhaps more of the unhealthy one… the “psycho” and if he was dumped by the author of this post, then bless him cuz’ he dodged a bullet.

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