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Michael Johnson Bowling Green, Kentucky

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Johnson
Gender : M
Age : 33
City : Bowling Green
State : KY
Country : US
Alias 1 : Chad Johnson
Alias 2 : Michael Chad Johnson
Alias 3 : Steve Johnson

He will do and say whatever to get what he wants….will lie and tell you any sob story. Examples: if he is trying to pursue you as a new victim, he may tell you his ex is crazy and she abused him, cheated, etc., Or he is a widow and hadn’t been with anyone since wife died..anything to get sympathy and in your pants, medicine cabinet, or purse…..if you’ve been seeing one another and he’s made you mad and you won’t speak to him he will do anything even tell you he has only got so long to live or he’s having major surgery soon and doesn’t want to leave things between the two of you on bad terms…he has no conscious!

One thought on “Michael Johnson Bowling Green, Kentucky

  1. He swings both ways…. he’ll s… You off for a buck, just as long as you don’t tell his nasty wife….he is as sick as they c*m

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