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Michael Elaschuk Toronto, –

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Elaschuk
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Toronto
State : -
Country : CA

Michael Elaschuk is a sexual predator and pathological liar from Toronto. I would be very careful when deciding whether or not to accept what he says. Anything he says should be questioned and double checked by checking with multiple sources and evidence.

He is also a very liberal man with loose morals. He engages in strippers, prostitutes, escorts and **** stars and supports *** clubs, orgies, rape and drugs.

Michael is also so obsessed with hiding and lying, that he lies about his age to target his victims. Well ladies, Michael is not really in his mid thirties. He is 40 years old!!!!

Michael looks for women in their early to mid twenties to promise them genuine relationships but then he changes his username multiple times daily in order to ensure that his multiple women never bust him. He must be filled with STD’s. What a life… I feel sorry for his kids if he ever has them… feel sorry for any girl who dates him. I know its not politically correct to judge but everything that any girl has wrote about this guy is true and I know first hand. He is actually using women for sexual objects.

I think he might suffer some severe mental health issues and hopefully he gets help he needs. *** forbid he ever have a child. The kids will end up with no morals, the boy will disrespect girls and the girl will be a stripper for sure.

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