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Melissa Sanger Nanaimo, –

First Name : Melissa
Last Name : Sanger
Gender : F
Age : 18
City : Nanaimo
State : -
Country : CA
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Missy
Alias 2 : Cedar Area
Website 1 : click to view website

Tisk tisk, how do i even begin with this? Pretty simple actually, this is the sorta chick that puts a whole new meaning to “A Deal with the Devil”. Anyways, i dated this conniving witch awhile back (Exact time i forget since i had lots to keep myself busy) and i swear if you wanna bad Louis C.K. plot this is a must read for you. This chick will literally try and get you to do Rape fetishes, Incest roleplay etc. (May sound good in the theory but in practice is terrible) and she’ll use any means to make you try and consent to it so she can use it against you even guilt trip you to the point of disbelief (Trust me she tried when i started dating her and i had to file a defamation lawsuit afterwards cuz she decided it be best if she told a bunch of crackheads this) and too add insult to injury she’s also a complete schizophrenic that does meth. It’s been about like 2 years i believe and she still goes off about how she has a restraining order on me. she also goes on about how much she wishes me tortured, dead, disfigured all sorts of great stuff. (Even though i never was notified so i highly doubt it’s existence to be credible in anyway possible). She’s also the sorta sleaze who’d probably bang your whole squad than come back for forgiveness after having every bit of tribal d**k in her mouth. so you might wanna watch out for that if you decide this is the sorta catch for you. And of course to clear up the thought of any “Oh this is just a douchebag ex-boyfriend going off cuz he wasn’t CHAD enough” let me be very specific here. THIS. PERSON. IS. NOT. TO. BE. TRUSTED. No matter what. Especially if you don’t want your rep getting crushed by a stain like this. Though, i must say experience may vary but this is probably the worst one that could be described when it comes to broken goods both mentally and physically. P***y was tight when i smashed but i recently heard there’s been some orifice damage cuz of all the late 20 year olds she’s banged. Happy Hunting!

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