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Megan Nguyen Dallas, Texas

First Name : Megan
Last Name : Nguyen
Gender : F
Age : 37
City : Dallas
State : TX
Country : US

My name is Steven. The below is intended as a comment on the Molly Nicole entry. Molly Nicole is my big sister and like a mom to me. Molly raised me since our mom died when I was a baby. Megan Nguyen is jealous of my sister. Megan her sights on Molly’s ex. Megan has sour grapes because Molly’s ex figured what Megan is. LOL. Megan got dumped again. I personally met Megan Nguyen. Megan is fixated on Molly’s ex and his friends. I know he is a good guy. Long story short Megan is crazy. It’s plain as day why Megan can’t get a man despite infiltrating every meetup group on the planet. Men know Megan’s type at 10 miles away. No t**s whatsoever means Megan’s true self is easily seen. Megan is obsessed with Molly. We gave police all of the surveillance footage of Megan loitering by Molly’s house, the house of a man in The Colony Molly dated, and my apartment too. I’m making sure my sister follows through on pressing charges on Megan after work. Molly excels at her career unlike Megan. My sister bought me a 2018 car and paid cash. Megan couldn’t make a down f*****g payment on a toy version of the car Molly bought me. How do we know the author of this? Megan gave herself away because 9407038481 is a google voice number Molly gave only to Megan. LOL!!!! Molly would not give Megan her real phone number.

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