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Megan Christine Bentzley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

First Name : Megan Christine
Last Name : Bentzley
Gender : F
Age : 39
City : Philadelphia
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Megan Bentzley
Alias 2 : Lexx Envy
Alias 3 : Megan Wintermute
Website 1 : click to view website

Notice how every single cheater site has 1000 articles on a man named Darren Ambler and is always posted by the same crazy woman, usually pretending to be multiple people having a “meetup”? She’d almost be successful at that if all of her fake accounts didn’t have the exact same crazed typing style. She’s a bitter ex of Darren Ambler and seems to be in a state of psychosis or untreated schizophrenia.

Lexx Envy/Megan Christine Benzley/Megan Wintermute is being sued for slander. What “Lexx Envy” is actually notorious for is slandering people in both her personal and professional life with completely false accusations on shady websites all over the internet. Below are men she has slandered with the same accusations and COURT RECORD of her being SUED FOR SLANDER. Below you will see examples of her writing. Search any well respected pro domme in Philadelphia and you will see she wrote very similar things about them as well. She has slandered, harassed, outed personal info and stalked pro dommes in the Philadelphia area under the guise that it’s her stalker out to get her. There is no stalker. There never was. It’s all her.

Also Megan Bentzley: Violet St. Claire, Jordan Sinclair, Lexx Envy, Gia, whatever fake usernames she uses on PlayerBlock.

Her court case for slander:

She has a pattern of harassment and her mugshot can be found easily via google search “Megan Christine Bentley” on harassment charge.


She loves posting false claims on home wrecker sites and about STDs:

Darren Ambler – Riverside, New Jersey*x-addict-cheater-stds-cherry-hill-new-jersey/

3 thoughts on “Megan Christine Bentzley Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. Why was Darren Ambler associated with her at all if she is no good/ Darren Ambler must be a scum bag too. A s*x addicted scum bag with terribly unattractive looks and a zero personality. Why else would he be with her: Can’t Darren get a decent refined s*x addict partner like himself.

  2. Obviously Darren Ambler is attempting to shift focus from his scum bag immoral behavior to this girl. What a coward. Take accountability for once you big wimp baby (Darren Ambler)..You are a sick lying degenerate low life. You earned that title be proud of it. No going back: Who cares what this girl did or does. What about the evil- degrading sexual things and lies Darren Ambler did and told? Lets hear about that and cut the c**p.

  3. Agree! Darren Ambler obviously placed this Post here to once again get focus off his Indecent -Immoral behaviors. Whatever this girl did has nothing to do with Darren Ambler s******g multiple women to satisfy a sick sexual addiction. Are we supposed to think Darren only seduced this girl? Ha ha Joke of the year? Who is Natalie Becerra- and Alina and Mrs. Parsons? grow up- face your mistakes and stop all these ridiculous lies. In the court of public opinion Darren Ambler is a Sociopath Lying Homely PIG! Next question?

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