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Maurice Jones Lithonia, Georgia

First Name : Maurice
Last Name : Jones
Gender : M
Age : 48
City : Lithonia
State : GA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Errold
Alias 2 : MOE

Bipolar, LIAR, Very Disrespectful toward women, Very deceitful, very menipletive, spazz out on them drugs, PYSCHOPATH, Very smoothe talker, CHEATER, can’t keep a job, use and abuse women, f**k anything, lots of children by lots of women, f***s RAW, says he is a handyman but does sloppy work, want to control a woman, Very insecure, treat all women the same (disrespectful towards them and that’s including to his mother), ain’t worth the time of day, Beware Ladies and young girls cause he likes them as young as 20 when he has daughter’s older than that. One of his daughter’s call him a dog a*s **gga. Now that’s sad when your child called you out.

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