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Mathew Dainton NSW, –

First Name : Mathew
Last Name : Dainton
Gender : M
Age : 28
City : NSW
State : -
Country : AU
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (040)125-2243
Website 1 : click to view website

Covert narcissist who gaslights, crazy makes, cheats, verbally abuses and threatening violence on those he manages to isolate. He will abuse you through emotional neglect and invalidation. Forget it if he is drunk. He will start fights with other men, and pressure women to have s*x with him. seemingly charming, he has a mask of confidence to those around him, he will say what you wanna hear, sweet forevers, whilst also having other women in his life.
Masoginistic, women are not meant to be introduced to friends. You will be his secret f**k thing weekdays and weekends forgotten while he has all nighters with friends and female bar staff getting drunk and on drugs, getting into fights, ignoring your calls, f*****g whoever he wants. Call him out on anything and he will make you question your own sanity!

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