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Mark Titone Mount Prospect, Illinois

First Name : Mark
Last Name : Titone
Gender : M
Age : 58
City : Mount Prospect
State : IL
Country : US
Email : [email protected]

If one were to Google “Hartmann predicted his slaying” you would find an article from the Chicago Tribune and be taken into the dysfunctional world this man has lived in since his 20’s. The article clearly notes that Mark was “dating” a 15 year old girl, who’s father was the one murdered. Mark was WELL into his 20’ once he realized the child he was “dating” was only 15..why would he continue in indulging in this girl. That story in itself shows the lack of any moral boundary that this “man”( and I use that term loosely) has. It hasnt changed in 35 years although he does like to keep them in their 40’s now. Ego driven pig. He has continued to lie, manipulate and destroy. Please ladies. He is evil thru & thru. As my momma says “you can put lipstick on a pig, but…its still a pig.” Perfect analogy.

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