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Marcos Duroe London, –

First Name : Marcos
Last Name : Duroe
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : London
State : -
Country : GB
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Alias 1 : greek
Alias 2 : mduroe
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

11/01/2015 02:44PM – whisperer – Is his first name Marco or Marcos? See

3/04/2016 03:12AM – Amanda11 – His name is Marcos, not Marco. I dated him years ago. I was on the
rebound and pretty vulnerable . He is a pathological liar. He lies about everything , from what he had for lunch
to having gone to the gym to the fact that he was seeing someone else on the side while telling me I was the
girl of his dreams. What I also found out about him is that he was sanctioned under the mental health act and
forciny admitted to a mental hospital for many years . When I confronted h with his information , he lied
(surprise ) and said that he was an undercover agent on a witness protection program. After I dumped him, he
became quite threatening and abusive. Do NOT touch him with a ten foot pole.

3/09/2017 03:12AM – YetAnotherOne –

Marcos Duroe Marco Duroe [email protected] [email protected]

Age depends what lies he tells you. Date of birth: 06/08/1968

A pathological liar. Deceived me so badly that it changed my life plans and destroyed me physiologically. This bad experience made me lose trust in humanity.

Once I figured him out, it hit me real hard. There were many signals on the way indicating that he wasn’t genuine and my Intuition screamed this out at me, but I ignored the obvious. One morning it was the time for a wake up call and finally face the fact that I was lied to about the things that were the most sacred to me.

“I want a woman to have babies with. Will you have my babies?” HE TELLS IT TO EVERY WOMAN HE DATES WHILE CHEATING ON HER WITH MULTIPLE OTHER WOMEN.

What do you do next when all your emotions turned up side down, your hopes are shattered and even your trust in humanity is undermined? For the first time In my life I had to see a professional help from therapist. I couldn’t comprehend what has happened. I went through an emotional shock.

He is damaged and worthy of only pity. You will never be able to change him.

If you feel that you can’t trust someone and that feeling doesn’t go away as much as you try, there must be a reason. Your intuition– listen to it.

2 thoughts on “Marcos Duroe London, –

  1. I am sorry for both of you…this is really sad. You for wasting your precious time and youth on this guy and him for being this pathetic lonely old loser…

  2. Many, your compassion is much appreciated.

    Seems like you know Marcos Duroe personally and his predatory pattern of going after much younger women and foreign at that. In his twisted mind they are “trophies”, but also much easier to isolate & manipulate future victims.

    After all that obese bore only comes alive when giving his “friends” dating advice, aka how to use, humiliate and brainwash women. His delusional believe is such that he is an alfa male and his “friends” are beneath him losers who lack the game. Yeah, right! Thankfully, none of those friends listened to him and many are now married & have kids.

    Marco Duroe, as you said – lonely, pathetic loser using other people, both men and women, as meal tickets – be it for money, connections or knowledge as his IQ and decision making ability are rather questionable. More like a trained monkey with a few overused “pick up” lines and pity inducing “seduction”tricks learned from Youtube. Desperately trying to validate himself and heal his insecurities with lies and never-ending manipulation:

    ~ Growing up on a Sheffield council estate – so now flashing money when he has them and deluding himself into thinking that he is some big shot (face palm). The way he got to this money.. hmmm… let’s say in less than honest & honourable way;

    ~ Genetic deformities, also on his embarrassingly SO-NOT-GENEROUSLY-SIZED PRIVATES (vitiligo – loss of skin colour in the form of depigmented patches of skin). Constant lies about “medical emergencies” that never happened are his favourite get-out-of-jail free card as is playing a victim when he gets caught with his pants down. Literally. And when none of that works anymore and the victim caught up to his shenanigans, the mask falls off and the raging, aggressive bully emerges (just like Amanda11 said above years back). Unjustified, unsubstantiated, uncalled for name calling a woman a c**t, a b***h, a w***e, a cheap trash is just a tip of the iceberg. Add to this frequent substance abuse and you have a recipe for disaster.

    ~ All of his life – unwanted, unloved and unlovable yet desperately incapable of being alone. Creating fake “relationships” and pathetically calling any woman who looks his way “a girlfriend” – think joining Coachsurfing and luring very young girls “to sleep on his sofa” for “free” while embellishing his real age by a decade or so. Interestingly enough he has a rather camp mannerism and a taste for very young, flat-chested, boyish looking girls. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

    Similar story with many other social media platforms. A part of his hunting grounds despite condescendingly characterizing its members in an incredibly derogatory and disrespectful way … yet he “dates” them and is one of them … after creating a profile under not-so-real name. Probably, so that his current victim won’t get a wind of what’s going on behind her back and in her face.

    All of it makes you wonder what happened in his childhood / what his mom did or didn’t do (not that his behaviour is anybody’s fault, but his own), that he hates women so much and loves getting a raise out of them aka negative attention which he mistakes for “love”. Yet, he is incapable of love, never loved anybody and those poor women are nothing more but objects he uses to attempt and heal his insecurities / satisfy his needs. Sad, really. He won’t let a woman he just spew out move on and will attempt to keep her “on rotation” with horrendous lies and taunts while simultaneously cheating on her. The only way to make him leave you alone once and for all, is some old good reverse psychology aka the above mentioned negative attention as paradoxically that makes him feel like he won (yet another face palm). Even moving to another country might turn out not to be enough – that’s how pathetic, controlling and desperate he is.

    As far as the women go who had the misfortune of crossing paths with @mduroe #metoo, I am sure that they are weirdly grateful for the life lesson and empathetic towards his mental insufficiencies despite the abuse suffered. He is damaged. And not goods. Just damaged.

    All the women are so much better off now that he is out of their lives and are doing amazingly well both professionally & personally – appreciating meaningful interactions with good people around: fantastic friends, loving families, phenomenal husbands and beautiful babies.

    Marcos Duroe can only dream about those blessings. Sure, one day when he decides he needs a nurse to wipe his saggy, senile a**e, he will trap some poor, empathetic soul with the carrot of “wife & babies” (taking into account his age & genetic issues, I highly doubt he is able to father a healthy baby – maybe that’s why he sadistically enjoys taunting women with babies and stealing their youth, as he knows he can’t have babies, so why should they). There will be nothing genuine about that union though – just a business transaction for him after he conditions her like a Pavlov’s dog into submission with constant hot & cold, push & pull, fake break ups, manufactured drama, false promises of change & countless therapies (which are just an avenue for @mduroe to learn some new tricks – the mental hospital where he was forcibly admitted to as mentioned by somebody in the comments above didn’t help), etc. Truly evil, cruel, dark, premeditated psychological manipulation tactics meant to create a strong Stockholm Syndrome.

    As you said Many – he will die a pathetic loser who the world can only pity. After all, psychopaths can’t be helped. Scientific fact.

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