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Marcelo Muniz Atlanta, Georgia

First Name : Marcelo
Last Name : Muniz
Gender : M
Age : 46
City : Atlanta
State : GA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (470)553-7070
Alias 1 : Marc Loy
Alias 2 : Loyola Muniz
Alias 3 : Mark Moon

In america on a citizenship he got after framing his ex boyfriend for domestic violence that he did not commit. He extorts money from people and is working for a doctor that makes him produce p*********y by installing cameras in the bedroom that are hidden from the men he sleeps with. He is a nasty pig and will tell u he is hiv negative when he is positive and has herpes in the a*****e. This man is dangerous and should not be trusted . Good luck with whoever gets this piece of trash .

4 thoughts on “Marcelo Muniz Atlanta, Georgia

  1. He also is a avid meth user and accuses others of a drug addiction when he is the actual proprietor of the whole operation

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