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Luke Poff Knoxville, Tennessee

First Name : Luke
Last Name : Poff
Gender : M
Age : 19
City : Knoxville
State : TN
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : LukeJP14
Alias 2 : LukeLP14

Luke Jamison Poff (11/06/1998) of UTK and Milligan College soccer is a sociopath. He lies, cheats, and manipulates. He will say anything he can to gain your trust. But do NOT trust him. He sees any kindness as weakness and will use it against you. He has no heart and won’t hesitate to lie to your face and stab you in the back. He does whatever he can to manipulate the situation and use other people. Do not mistake his idiocy for immaturity– he is conscious of and premeditated in all of his actions.

Luke Poff is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a serial cheater and compulsive liar. Do not give him a single change—he will only abuse your trust. He is arrogant, conceited, and full of s**t. It’s all fun & games to Luke—he enjoys getting away with fooling people and using them. He also enjoys cracking jokes about topics such as rape, racism, and bigotry. This shows he has zero respect for other people.

Luke is a fuckboy who enjoys sending pictures of his tiny d**k and videos of himself jacking it to girls while he is in a relationship. That is what he uses Snapchat for (@Lukelp14)—to send d**k pics and ask for nudes. That is how he got away with cheating. He has a small d**k and has barely anything to offer. His d**k is as skinny as him and below average in length—maybe 4 or 5 inches at best.

Tldr; Luke Poff is a complete waste of space. He is disrespectful, sexist, racist, dishonest, disloyal, a cheater, and a sociopath. If you have the misfortune to cross paths with him, RUN the other way. He is good at pretending to be a nice person, but do not be fooled! He has absolutely no heart or soul, and no respect for others. Avoid any interaction with him at all costs.

Luke Poff is a jerk off who can’t get anyone off (Instagram @LukeJP14)

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