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Kyle Selden Mercer, Pennsylvania

First Name : Kyle
Last Name : Selden
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : Mercer
State : PA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (724)699-6244
Alias 1 : Pametrofixer
Alias 2 : Honestlies
Alias 3 : Sugardaddy

Hi I’m Kyle, I’m nice as can be, and will spoil you and tell you everything you want to hear, I’ll do everything you want to do and cater to your needs, for only 2 years, if your lucky. Truth be told I’m not a 1 woman man, I’m an addict. I’m addicted to s*x I’m addicted to drugs I’m addicted to me, me, me, me. Soon enough you’ll learn. All I’m interested is a sexy little number that’ll stay home and be obiedient. As soon as you lash out I’m gone looking for more, more for me and you’ll stay home while I’m out doing what I want when i want because I want to and don’t you dare accuse me of anything because it’s you that’s the psychopath and making things up. Sure I’m out spending thousands of dollars on things and people but none of that should matter it’s none of you d**n business you cazy a*s b*****s. Your money if your lucky enough to be allowed to have a job is my money and my money is my money, your property is mine and yeah, everything is mine, so are you. Don’t get cocky either, I’m not afraid to hit you, throw you across the room or drag you down the stairs by your hair. Just ask either of my 2 ex wives or my ex girlfriend’s. (I’d kill a few of them if it was legal) I’m the king ladies, you’ll see! Xoxo! I’ll treat you like royalty, I love you all! :*

One thought on “Kyle Selden Mercer, Pennsylvania

  1. So all that to be slick and say you’re a “sexy little number’?? If you were, why would you fall for him???His great looks lol? Oh…the money, right? Because you could have easily checked with those people you mentioned beforehand, correct. Sounds a little gold diggerish and then mad when he took back the gold? smh

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