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Kirk Hammett San Francisco , California

First Name : Kirk
Last Name : Hammett
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : San Francisco
State : CA
Country : US

m in a very f****d up situation with kirk hammett of metallica. at first kirk hammett was nice to me and i went to their concert- but people need to beware kirk hammett and metallica band members are sadists witches and sociopaths who destroy lives. I went to their concert and worthless kirk hammett and james did a spell on me- at first they were nice this way but then they began torturing me. Im a beautiful sexy woman…at first they were nice but then they spent one year torturing me horribly through their witchcraft. They abused my cat and pets and did awful thigns to me…my family finally got sick of it and spent 10,000 sending me out of the country to a healer..i got a lot of good energy from going out of the country and kirk hammett of metallica stole all my energy and he keeps saying he wants to hurt and torment me for no reason…he wants to destroy me and enjoys torturing me…these are ugly old men woh torture young hot women for no reason…metallica band members are dangerous sadists and sociopaths….they torture and torment hot or pretty women who go to their concerts and their pets….kirk keeps hurting me and saying that he thinks it’s funny…he had s*x with my mother thru energy and they keep giving sexual energy to everyone around me…he tortured me during my trip out of the country and tortured me before i went..and wanted to kill my pets while I was gone–he put me through so much h**l. When I got back he stole all my energy and keeps laughing…and saying im a loser and worthless…metallica band members said they wanted to destroy me and parade me around the world showing everyone what a loser i am…ive never done anything bad to metallica and ive begged them to leave me alone…my family spent 10k sending me to a healer for help and kirk hammett is an ugly old loser who wants some kind of f****d up power control over me….he won’t stop…its not fair to me..he thinks he’s g*d but he’s creepy and a loser and a tranny….kirk hammett is a creepy old man who spent one year destroying my life for fun and torturing me thru his witchcraft. He claims he owns me but he doesn’t..he has never met or talked to me…he wants to control me and my life but he doesn’t even know me. He thinks im lucky ot get his attention but my family just spent 10k trying to get rid of him. He thinks it’s cool though im an ex model and very beautiful…he wants to destroy me..he thinks he’s a bad *** but hes actually a transgendered man who was a woman as a child. This woman who is a grandmother is skinny creepy and a loser. He thinks if he does evil things to me i’ll think he’s a badass…but he’s a worthless pile of garbage….

Kirk claims I’m a loser and didn’t deserve to go to Europe though it makes no sense at all. He says I don’t deserve to heal. He stole all my good energy and gave it to my family members for fun and says I don’t deserve my own energy. He says I should be a punching bag and it makes no sense. He talks to me thru his witchcraft and not in person or on the phone. He does mind control on me and wants to drive me crazy. He has entities talking to me all the time. He does evil things to me and says he finds it funny and doesn’t know why. He says others abuse me and he watches me as a witch and people r rude to me bc I’m pretty and since he hasn’t met me he says something is wrong with me though people are jealous and he just terrorizes and abuses me. The minute I got back from Europe he stole all my good healing energy and gave it to others. He’s the biggest piece of s**t to ever exist. I don’t know why he’s doing this to me. It makes no sense to anyone. He just laughs and says I’m a loser and he wants me to know I’m a loser but I’ve been nothing but nice to him. He keeps saying he’s mad I went to Europe and didn’t deserve the trip from my family but he takes lots of women on trips but wants me to suffer. I don’t knpw what to do. My family are upset at it all. My brother went out of the country and he did something to my nephew to make my brother fly back right away. They are sick and so messed up things sometimes. He told me he wanted me to go around telling the world abt what they do to people. I told him I don’t have time for this bullshit he said that’s what they want. He hurt my beautiful cat for no reason and whenever someone was mad at me kirk would mess with my cat and take his anger out on her. I begged him to stop messing with her and she’s innocent and he laughs and says it’s funny that I can’t do anything about it. I don’t know why this horrid thing is doing this to me and I told him my family spent money to help me and he says I don’t deserve the energy of Europe. These are very sick f****d up evil messed up people.

kirk hammett of metallica thinks he’s some kind of huge person and thinks he has the right to destroy other people and keeps saying he’s kirk hammett and no one gives a f**k about him or whta he’s doing. Hes a creepy old man who is a transgender and is a woman…he has his friends involved and torments me for fun. I can’t get rid of him. I just spent a week in another country trying to get help and when i got back kirk hammett stole all my energy and claims i don’t deserve to heal and he wants me to suffer…he thinks he has power control and no one gives a *** and my family is trying desperately to get rid of kirk hammett and his weird sick abuse. kirk hammett has 400+ girlfriends around the world…he and metallica band members give money and things to women and are very nice to them…they torture me for fun and keep calling me a loser and destroying my life for fun….he followed me around in europe and terrorized me through his witchcraft. he terrorized my family member too andruined our trip for fun…kirk hammett is a creepy old man he thinks he’s so cool but he is a weirdo and a freak…he keeps saying im a loser and worthless when im a nice person…i dont know how to get rid of him…my family is doing anything they can but no one can get rid of this useless *** who wants to ruin my life…metallica band members pick on lone women and destroy them for fun…

he now stole all my energy and wants me to suffer…he thinks he has power but he’s a creepy weirdo old guy who’s a tranny. I dont know what to do…im a professional woman who has a professional career and kirk hammett has spent one year ruining my life and im not sure why. It doesnt make any sense and kirk hammett keeps laughing through his witchcraft and terrorizing me and thinking he’s a cool person for doing this. he keeps tryign to get attention for abusing me and no one cares….

if anyone mistreats me kirk hammett is watching as a witch and harasses and terrorzies me badly..he has sent demons to me to destroy me and steals all my good energy and gives it to people who do bad to me..he finds it funny he has this power over me and mocks me. he’s an insecure inferior filipino old weirdo and he feels inferior to white men b/c he is..he’s a very nasty sick evil person… kirk is an insecure creepy old filipino loser…he doesnt know what the *** he’s doing and has no soul…i told kirk hammett my family spent 10,000 tryign to get rid of him b/c he wants to ruin my life for no reason…kirk doesn’t care and keeps saying he wants power and control and to show people im a loser…kirk hammett says i embarrassed metallica and ive never even met them. I just went to their concert twice and that’s it…they dont even know me. kirk hammett already ruined my life and he won’t stop…he keeps wanting to hurt me and im not sure why- no one knows and he’s made my family cry and theyre worried about me and he finds it funny. he’s a rich famous person with lots of money and does this to people and their families. He did things to my nephew to make him sick…kirk hammett is trying to ruin me and my families life for fun mostly mine and finds it all funny and cool…he thinks we’re lucky to get his attention and we’re begging him to leave us alone…

he’s a skinny transgender old woman…and very weird and psycho- he thinks he’s cool but he’s a skinny *** woman….my family are all doctors and respected people and he just wants to ruin their lives and ruin my life…kirk hammett is some kind of weirdo sick freak….

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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