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kirk hammett san francisco, California

First Name : kirk
Last Name : hammett
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : san francisco
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (415)508-5475

Beware of kirk hammett of metallica- this guy is lower than the devil, the most worthless evil person on the planet…Beware of him if you go to a metallica show. The evil he possesses no human on this planet Does- he is by far the MOST evil people anyone can be victimized by. Imagine a narcissist who has the cruelty levels of a serial killer- THIS is the best way to describe kirk hammett. He is a LONG TERM TORTURER and uses DARK witchcraft to torture innocent women. On the outside he seems like a mild mannered person but on the inside he is the darkest creature to ever exist. I have never been through so much torture and suffering in my life, and this was the WORST cruel satanic torture i can’t even describe. Because they are celebrities they can do CRAZY things with their witchcraft. They pick women up this way and give them money, gifts, cars, and they were nice to me at first- all through witchcraft, but then began terrorizing me cruelly. Beware of kirk hammett this monster is a torturer s****t Sociopath and demon from h**l. He grabs women from the audience and does spells on them and then spends months meticulously torturing them and taking over their lives long distance through witchcraft. He enjoys torturing human beings in the sickest ways possible he has no soul and no good in him he is a complete s****t and psychopath he will take over peoples lives in the sickest ways hurt their pets and just try to destroy them all for fun he does extremely cruel things to women through his witchcraft that you can’t imagine. He tortures the most beautiful women and people like this and laughs abt it. He is lower than a rapist or murderer and tries to kill and destroy people this way. Beware and run from this motherfking wicked evil worthless s****t

I just got done cleaning my house after being tortured by Kirk Hammett for 4 weeks with regards to him potentially visiting me Kirk has been torturing me and dark satanic witchcraft 47 horrifying months now this guy is the devil he’s lower than any demon he lower than Satan he will spend his days and nights sending demons to human beings and taking over their lives and destroying them manipulating them doing the most abnormal cruel torture to people. He claims he’s working on women but what he’s really doing is destroying innocent human beings I went to a Metallica show in July 2017 and Kirk and James both did a spell on me while I was in the audience and the spell manifested later and a lot of things happened and at some point I was supposed to meet them somewhere and then Kirk tried to get me to go somewhere to meet him but it was through is witchcraft and I was too scared so I didn’t go. Shortly after that Kirk begin torturing me horribly because a family member try to interfere Kirk has barely ever spoken to me verbally he’s only answered his phone once. He has only texted me once saying “who is this, I don’t know who this is.” They do this ON PURPOSE so there is NO PROOF of communication. The way Kirk does witchcraft is he talks to people telepathically And in all these horrible ways which is like celebrity witchcraft which other celebrities have access to as well. It is major and strong stuff and they have crazy abilities. Kirk Hammett is the most satanic person to ever exist and the things he does to human beings is beyond cruelty and torture this horrifying monster tortured me so badly him and James Hetfield and then they manipulated me and try to make me feel as if I was lucky to get tortured by Metallica and in the same note theyre actually nice to other women and they give women gifts and cars and expensive things for s*x while they were sitting there torturing me just for fun for seven months straight. At first they were nice to me and they were like kissing up to me and they invited me to this thing and Kirk was going to be there but I didn’t go because for some reason I was just too scared. Shortly after- because of a family member kirk began torturing me cruelly through his witchcraft, and him and james took over my life- ONLY through witchcraft long distance. They sent demons to talk to me and to take over my life and control me cruelly. I couldn’t go anywhere, do anything- I was threatened just for going to the movies. I couldn’t talk to a guy- while Kirk is married and having s*x with anyone and then began talking about f*cking my mother and did the sickest c**p to me. They made the torture worse so I could go around writing about it online and the ycould get attention for it.

They acted as if they had never done this before- but in reality- they do it to lots of women but are nice to them. Its how this horrid band picks up women. Kirk the s****t got on some cruel powertrip to torture and destroy me. Kirk NEVER talked to me verbally–it was ALL telepathic- he controlled EVERY SINGLE THING i did. What i ate, he made me workout every single day, isolated me from people, and has NEVER TALKED TO ME ON THE PHONE. all he did was torture me and take my energy cruelly, and he even tortured my pets. He said i would get ‘everything last’- and talked about how he wanted to f*ck everyone I know including my mother- and claims he met people I know but wouldn’t meet me. It’s a horrifying and tragic story the level of evil this s****t possessses. Kirk the demon did more and more evil cruelty to me- and I began writing a book about it, and kirk wanted attention for it, but no one cared. Kirk even recently admitted theyre doing this just to snuff out my light- and destroy me and that’s what they are doing. I’m a really beautiful woman and thought it was for ‘s*x’ but its simply some dark satanic torment to ruin a human being…

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