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Karim Khuluki Northern Virginia , Virginia

First Name : Karim
Last Name : Khuluki
Gender : M
Age : 31
City : Northern Virginia
State : VA
Country : US

Karim Khuluki has herpes,I saw this online.Loves to play mind games and he brags about what a good liar and actor he is.He thinks of himself as a male w***e and he is proud of it somehow.The grossest part of that is that he told me has hepatitis c once and then tried to make it seem like he didn’t and also has herpes mentioned about him online.He also thinks he is going to be a rapper called Venom.He has Facebook pages under fake names where honestly you can see he lacks basic spelling skills and tries to seem tough lying about going to the gym and huge workouts when in reality he was fat and he never set foot in a gym.He threatened to beat me up so many times but there is nothing scary about him to anyone.But the worst part of all is that he had posts about Hitler on Facebook praising Hitler and what he did It was scary and disturbing.He has so much hate inside though you would never know it until you saw what he writes on Facebook when he knows he is under a fake name.He will sleep with so many people and then he will not even use a condom with you!He doesn’t care about his own health regarding his sexual behavior so he doesn’t care about anyone else’s either.

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