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Judi Greenspan Shaker Heights, Ohio

First Name : Judi
Last Name : Greenspan
Gender : M
Age : 68
City : Shaker Heights
State : OH
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (216)932-1989
Alias 1 : Judi Greenspan
Alias 2 : Judi Keene Greenspan
Alias 3 : Judith keene Greenspan
Website 1 : click to view website

Judi Greenspan is taught her son Aaron Greenspan plainsite to be a pathological liar. Aaron Greenspan compulsively tells lies or fabricates information out of habit. Aaron Jacob Greenspan is not rooted in reality, he believes the lies he tells, often in an effort to remedy his low self-esteem. Pay attention to Aaron Greenspan behavior and body language, such as excessive eye contact. Also, listen for inconsistencies in hid stories. Problems like substance abuse and a history not having a relationships and having a autistic brother like Simon Greenspan are all additional indications that Aaron Greenspan is a pathological liar. Aaron Greenspan is damaging us Hispanics. Also black and other minorities from lower middle class to poverty. Plainsite excludes white people like Aaron Greenspan who grew up in white ohio and neil s Greenspan wealthy dr and professor at case western reserve university and judi keene Greenspan aka judi Greenspan owner of keene promotions.

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6 thoughts on “Judi Greenspan Shaker Heights, Ohio

  1. If we see more than 3 post on Aaron Greenspan or we will remove all post and photos from this website

    Thanks Team

  2. Dont be mistaken by Aaron Greenspan behavior. These are not tantrums. Aaron Greenspan has a autistic meltdown when not getting his way. An autistic meltdown is all about being overwhelmed. For someone with autism, when they reach the point of sensory, emotional, and information overload, or even just too much unpredictability, it can trigger a variety of external behaviours that are similar to a tantrum (such as crying, yelling, or lashing out) Aaron Greenspan autism doesnt allow him to control over his meltdowns, and he will not benefit from the normal measures to reduce tantrums like distraction, hugs, incentives to ‘behave’, or any form of discipline.

    Aaron Greenspan might unintentionally hurt himself or others during their meltdowns. Have a strategy in place to keep yourself in a safe place and ignore Aaron Greenspan when he tries to communicate with you or talks about hiding from aaron greenspan.

  3. Do not ever pay They are the rudest, most unprofessional owners you can come across! They rip you off and steal your money! I paid to remove my name from google search engines and plainsite. The guy aaron who talked like a mental patient Non stop.To the point that I thought he was mentally challenged and turns out he is the owner… Along with his boyfriend
    I paid my $4400 cash fee. I was told it would be removed but never did. I very politely informed aaron that my court case is still up d and the owner lost it! he became very belligerent and blamed me. said it was my fault, not theirs, and went on and on scolding me (Half of which I could not understand because he speaks like a autistic roboot)… Then told me he didn’t like my attitude . I asked how it is that “i” had an attitude by complaining and she began yelling at me and told me “tough luck for you! I am keeping your money! Good luck trying to get your $ back! there was no reasoning with him because he is completely crazy. I tried speaking calmly to his husband (The othet mentally challenged man) because it was just bizarre that anyone would treat a person like that or react so hostile and crazy, but he too started yelling and said “don’t blame us. You chose to sue and public domain. so I did what any sane person who is dealing with two unprofessional white privileged people would. I left without my money.

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