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Johnny Simon Los Angeles, California

First Name : Johnny
Last Name : Simon
Gender : M
Age : 45
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (562)883-0390
Alias 1 : Platinum Yachtmaster
Alias 2 : Johnny Cruz

DINE AND DASH!! Lives on a boat – pretends he is super wealthy … no, he takes care of someone else’s boat in exchange for room and board.

We met for dinner at The Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, CA … said he was going to the restroom and left me with the bill! Did the same thing to a girlfriend of mine a few months earlier

PHONE: 562-883-0390

2 thoughts on “Johnny Simon Los Angeles, California

  1. Whoever the h**l you are, you’re a lying, gold-digging psycho! Johnny does live on a boat and it’s HIS boat. It’s clear to me that you were rejected, hence trying to lash out. Everything you wrote is a fabrication from a desperate and bitter woman. Shame on you for not recognizing a stand-up guy.
    P.S. He told me about you. You sat down & informed him that you’re a hooker and that your rate is a $1,000. You could’ve had a great guy. You’re just p****d that he doesn’t pay for s*x! Get a life!

  2. Ya… I’ve run into this guy too! “Aqua Ambassador” online… really horrible!! Cost me almost half a week’s pay. I don’t know about anyone else he scammed, but I’m not a hooker…work really hard to make it in this town. Hope someone stops him. So sad.

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