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John Wender New York, New York

First Name : John
Last Name : Wender
Gender : M
Age : 56
City : New York
State : NY
Country : US

Cute face, fun personality, fat bod, small d*ck

I went on a date with this guy they talk about on here John Wender cuz I met him on OKCupid. He wasn’t what I expected as he was fat but I wanted to get f*cked so I thought what the hey and let him come back to my place as he came on pretty strong and pushed me onto his d*ck in the cab. At mine we started fooling around and I soon discovered his d*ck was on the smaller side yeah. Now idc about size so we went at it. First he stuck his d**k in my face and I gave him head but tbh it was like sucking a straw. The smell of his groin almost made me hurl. Sorry dude but take a f*cking shower or something! Okay whatever let’s get straight to s*x. His d*ck felt so small in me it felt like a hot dog in my p*ssy so I’m like okay I got this so I ordered him to flip over so I could ride him but it was like inserting a tampon and by this point I’m bored. Worst s*x of my life and I’ve been with and extremely dominating self pleaser who cared nothing about me. He walked away so cocky like he just gave me the best s*x of my life when he couldn’t even f*ck my hole when it was dripping wet. I didn’t return his text the next day.

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