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John T Klevens Kirkland, Washington

First Name : John T
Last Name : Klevens
Gender : M
Age : 59
City : Kirkland
State : WA
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (425)765-5150

John T Klevens knowingly has genital herpes (HSV2). He not only fails to tell his partners about his disease, but actually denies having herpes, telling women, “No, I’m clean.” He is on suppressant meds, but rarely wears a condom. He is very aware that his transmission risk is “not zero”. This loser justifies his actions because, “I’ve only told one person and that hasn’t been a very good experience.” He sleeps with multiple women, including married women, to compensate for his personal sense of inadequacy. Despite contracting this incurable disease from a random s*x partner he found on Craigslist, he continues to troll Craigslist, Kik, and other social media & dating sites for unsuspecting women. Herpes is an incurable disease. He takes NO responsibility for his actions, instead whining how unfair it is for people to judge him “just because I have herpes down there.” He had lots of opportunities to tell me and chose not to. John Klevens should not be trusted! John Klevens is a pathological liar. John Klevens is why herpes is such an epidemic. And it’s all because he is embarrassed and doesn’t want to have an uncomfortable conversation. You can find John trolling around Juanita Village. He hangs out in the Starbucks, hitting on women. Or at Bala Yoga. He works out at Columbia Athletic Club in Juanita. He is a financial advisor/financial planner in Bellevue WA. He lives at 1826 Market Street Kirkland WA 98033. His phone number is (425) 765-5150. If you want a lifelong disease, give him a call!

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