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John “ Mr. Coffee “ Morley Berlin , New Hampshire

First Name : John “ Mr. Coffee “
Last Name : Morley
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : Berlin
State : NH
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Jack

John Morley Frappuccino King

My name is Denise W. RN and I used to work for John when he was a nursing supervisor at Banner Behavioral Hospital in Scottsdale. He always stopped at Starbucks on his way to work to buy frozen coffees for the pretty young nursing students, some right out of high school. He enjoyed sitting with them and watching them drink them down. This went on all year. Then one morning he was caught in his car with his scrubs pulled down to his ankles while he was masturbating into those Frappuccinos. Of course he was immediately fired. The word quickly got out and I feel sorry for those lovely young women who realized they had been drinking his c*m every morning for so long.

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