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John Morley Berlin , New Hampshire

First Name : John
Last Name : Morley
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : Berlin
State : NH
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (603)723-0529
Alias 1 : Jack Morley

I’m Linda and Jack sent me this picture of his 2 inch erect p***s on Facebook.

12 thoughts on “John Morley Berlin , New Hampshire

  1. I’m Leah. John has been arrested 5 times and fired 3 times for exposing himself to women in NH, ME , MA , and AZ. Ironically it turns out he has a 3 inch erect p***s. He got off each time and continues his lewd habits.

  2. John told me that at a loud, raucous, drunken, frat party at Umass he found an attractive teenage girl passed out in an upstairs bedroom. He lifted her skirt and took off her thong, which he still has. He showed it to me. He then got 3 M-80 firecrackers from his room and pushed them into her v****a. He told me that they were the equivalent of more than 15 regular firecrackers. He lit them and took a quick picture. He showed me that too. The resulting explosion not only burned her v****a but blasted her c**t completely off. She apparently is healed but can’t have an o****m to this day. John was laughing when he told me this awful story. He told me that he has never had the thong washed and wanted me to make a hanky out of it for him. I refused and obviously no longer was his friend.

  3. Julie is just upset because I had a**l and vaginal unprotected s*x with her after she passed out in my apartment. Of course I shaved off her pubic hair and kept it. I keep it in my wallet for luck. I also kept her thong which I think I’ll have made into a tie. Julie shouldn’t have had so many of my special drinks. I also took nude pictures of her which I posted on the web. My only regret is that I didn’t get her pregnant. She is one hot 17 year old girl but she was passed out when I had s*x with her.

  4. Jack you’re an a*s for what you do to me and women in general. I’ll get even if it takes 10 years. Does anyone want his phone number? I have it.

  5. You know Julie I still have more nude pictures of you passed out in my bed. In one you seem to have a beer bottle in your c**t. Imagine that. Maybe I’ll send that one to your 14 yo little sister. I saw her in Walmart recently and she looks mighty fine. Maybe you’ll let her come over and visit me. I can break her in. I’d sure like to ride her. Do that for me and I’ll return all your pictures. If you don’t expect all your friends and family to see you like I saw you, naked in my bed. You should talk it over with your sister. Maybe she wants to meet me?

  6. You know if you let your 14 yo sister Jenn come over I’d let her tie me to my bed and she could do anything she wanted to do to me. Anything! Talk to her.

  7. I’ll raise my reward. I’ll pay $2000 to anyone who brings me his little p***s in a bottle. I can supply his exact address to those interested. Actually, I’ll make it $5000 in cash. I have just the place I’ll put it on my mantle.

  8. Julie you should take him up on his offer. Let your sister go to his place, tie him up and then you can come in with a rusty old knife and hack it off. Could save you some serious money.

  9. Okay John. I’ll let Jenn come over but she’ll use handcuffs and a gag. Any objections to that? How about tonight at 8pm.

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