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Jessica Karns Fort Worth or Weatherford, Texas

First Name : Jessica
Last Name : Karns
Gender : F
Age : 40
City : Fort Worth or Weatherford
State : TX
Country : US
Alias 1 : Kizzie Sanders

Jessica Karns or Jessica Sanders aka Kizzie Sanders lives in the Weatherford or Fort Worth area. She is from Jacksboro Texas. This girl is a huge s**t, thief, and liar. She is one psycho b***h. He has slept with 4 men at once. She doesn’t even care if they are married. She has slept with men for money. At one of her jobs in weatherford she has stolen from all her coworkers. She went all crazy. She used her getting cancer to get money from people and to steal from people. She even told people she was dying. She slept with one guy then told everyone they were engaged. She’s been married 4 times because she is far to crazy to love. She has a mega drug habit and her family has to be there for her two daughters thank goodness. With as many guys as she brings into her place her kids need people to look out for them. She is a nasty nasty woman who lies all the time and thrives on drama. It’s to bad she didn’t really die of cancer for her kids sake.

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