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Jay Smithson Taunton, Massachusetts

First Name : Jay
Last Name : Smithson
Gender : M
Age : 34
City : Taunton
State : MA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : JSmitty69

This is a nasty, social media W***e ex of a friend of a friend and boy does she have some f****d Up issues. And so does her whole family cause her brothers are cheating wife swappers too and so much more that I could say but won’t! she always wanted more than anyone could ever provide and she needed a millionaire 100%. Weird, it seem her boss is millionaire that she has no respect or attraction to, but you telling the wrong people b***h! Rich old ugly guys like that must do their research before giving a 30 yr old the world, so I’m sure if he’s successful he’s smart but this chick is ruthless! And selfish and definitely the goldigger type….”oh oh oh ya I love your old d**k (wallet to, all the same!) give it to me give it allll to me I don’t care you old and ugly mother f-er! I will tell you whatever you need to hear to keep those benefits coming!”” Haha well it looks like she finally found someone dumb enough and rich enough to give her the world! Good for you Gerty! What does your daddy know about all this tho? I’m tempted to ask him cause I know him and I cant imagine he’d be ok with any of this ….good luck Gretchen (ps maybe it’s time to stop talking,texting, posting,etc

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