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Jay-Kyle fenner Petawawa , –

First Name : Jay-Kyle
Last Name : fenner
Gender : M
Age : 39
City : Petawawa
State : -
Country : CA

This guy plays the victim card so well. Uses stories about his daughter and how his ex screwed around and cheated on him. How he is so broke because of his ex. Yet has a brand new car and a Ducati for a motorcycle.
Never mentioned he had a girlfriend said he was single and when she found out about us played the card they had been broken up she was a crazy ex that was stalking him. Meanwhile they have a house together in Ottawa and 2 dogs. Dumb girl stays with the cheating scum and pays for everything for him while he is constantly out on dates and cheating on her.
Loves to use the PTSD card as he is a MP. Pretty sure his military stories are made up too.
Found out he has slept with a good chunk of my friends too and other people I know have heard pretty disturbing stories about him. He had a baby in June with his best friends wife. When his friends are on tour he is the first one at their door banging their wife.
This guy gives the Canadian military a bad name. Steer clear he usually has 4+ girls on the side and is a smooth talker. Always plays the victim card. I guarantee he is a narcissist with all the bull s**t stories I bet it’s s**t he has done to girls over the years not s**t girls have done to him.

2 thoughts on “Jay-Kyle fenner Petawawa , –

  1. It’s because he uses Work as an excuse to her. At least that’s what he did when we were dating. He would say he was massaging so many girls because of Work or they were asking him questions regarding his job. Then he turns around and says your blowing things up. Also he tells everyone you a psycho and mentally unstable. It’s never him it’s always her and he will tell people she did things he actually did to make himself look good. Guaranteed she knows something is going on or just doesn’t care. He is a smooth talker and will lie and say anything to spin it on her and not take accountability for what he is doing. There is a reason why he never dates anyone for long.

  2. Wow… happened to me too.

    Please take all complaints to the Military Police Complaints Commission; if you feel targeted and he was the Police Officer on your file. Let’s work to keep the integrity of the department. Thank you.

    Mail to:
    Military Police Complaints Commission of Canada
    270 Albert Street, 10th Floor
    Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G8

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