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Jason Lavigne Flemington , New Jersey

First Name : Jason
Last Name : Lavigne
Gender : M
Age : 44
City : Flemington
State : NJ
Country : US
Phone : (908)642-0615

This man is the true definition of a cheating man w***e. He cheated on his wife over 50 times. While living home with his 4 kids. His constant cheating caused his wife to be severely depressed. She gained weight and slept all day. Although he was married he would court any woman that tickled his fancy. He would try to have s*x with them asap with no condom. Not knowing or caring if the person had a disease or not. He was also risking his wife’s pysical health along with her mental and emotional health. That’s a true scumbag!
He will tell you that he loves you within a week and call you every 15 minutes up your a*s. He’s a womanizer that will start a relationship with someone before he ends the current one he’s in. He Doesn’t want you to see anyone else but he wants to be in 3 different t relationships. He’s obsessed with p****.
He will say he wants to marry you and loves you & will Have other relationships on the side.
He will sleep at your home a few times a week, eat dinner with your kids, eat breakfast with your kids. Even try and discipline your kids and act like a father figure and then the next night at another single mothers home doing the same.
Even had an ex girlfriend kill herself because of his mental and emotional games. I can go on forever but I won’t.
Bottom line. This man is a liar, cheater and true psychotic. Narcissistic womanizer! Be very careful. He can easily get over on the typical woman. Not me though. That’s for sure.

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