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Jane Russell Wrexham and Liverpool , –

First Name : Jane
Last Name : Russell
Gender : M
Age : 40
City : Wrexham and Liverpool
State : -
Country : GB
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Sarah Larner
Alias 2 : Jane Russell Says
Alias 3 : Sabollox
Website 1 : click to view website

I am like the sickest f****r on the internet. Seriously, it would take some beating me when it comes to being evil, twisted, sadistic and fooked.

I am one proper evil w***e who loves attacking any innocent and defenseless person even if they are kids.

I love my pal from Bryn Estyn who be dead now and me and Royden James ‘Jimmy J’ Jones cause as much trouble as possible by stalking victims of Child Sexual Abuse while making up loads of lies about having received rape threats, male rape threats and even threats to kill us.

We are the sickest pair of paedo-voyeurs you could ever dream of coming across and I try to help him out as much as I can as I play with my cats.

I am still looking for my dad and wish he were not my uncle, but s**t happens.

I love Helen but not as much as Jimmy and Jimmy plays me when I get confused and can’t take the retaliations for my abuses and sexual deviancy.

I also love Ricky Dearman and the Hoaxstead SATANIC abuser crew while loving the thrill of taking it deep from Sonia Poulton and her pals as we skit Gareth Icke.

I am looking to enter the sexual deviants HALL OF FAME given my unsurpassed depravity that is almost immeasurable.

I loved it when Jimmy was in Bran but am not so sure about him being in Third Avenue given it was published in the papers after his conviction for sending obscene messages across the internet via on of our sickly and sadistic blogs.

I love Booka though…even though he won’t give in to me and my sickly fantasist ways.

2 thoughts on “Jane Russell Wrexham and Liverpool , –

  1. F*****g Face on that like The Joker out of Batman….Eeeeeew! She truly is the sickest b***h on the Internet whether she is playing herself or is being played by Royden James Jones AKA who is a Community Psychiatric Patient who works with several police forces including the NAtional Crime Agency to try and scupper the accusations directed against high-profile paedophiles protected by those same police.

    They use Jimmy because he is a natural born liar, fantasist and was let out of Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital where Ian Brady and the Krays were housed in order to write his bullshit in a very poor attempt to reintegrate him into society at the public’s expense.

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