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James Raanes

First Name : James
Last Name : Raanes
Gender : M
Age : 32
City : Arlington
State : TX
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (817)459-1236
Alias 1 : Mase
Alias 2 : Mason
Alias 3 : James Mason

A total fake, a con, a certifiable pathological liar…From his credentials, his life story, who he is, to the mundane…..It’s a lie even when the truth is easier to tell…He’ll argue tooth and nail, swear on his kid’s life, etc…all without any conscience..He’ll live off anyone, friends, whoever….and has no discomfort in not being appreciative or selfish and lazy….It’s as if he feels it’s owed to him, from every source…He’ll back stab you if you’re a good friend, help him, or just get in his life for a minute…It’s like he has a deep resentment for decent people, even if their decency puts a roof over his head and food in his mouth, etc…He’ll steal from friends …. even ones who are helping him, paying his way and staying loyal…without a lick of remorse…He gets caught in petty lies, thievings, deceit, but doesn’t break a sweat and will deny and excuse and blame and never ever take responsibility for even the smallest mistake….his mistakes are never small, nor are they mistakes….He creates disharmony all around….Bad energy, pitting people against eachother, causing grief, loss, and havoc wherever he goes to whoever he can go to…He’ll profess undying intense true love and remember all the special things, so romantic and charismatic…He’s good, but after 3 years, it took a long time, but I can finally see through the hollow shell of a so called human being. No depth, insight, spirituality or anything close to it. No interest in morality, integrity, honesty, achieving through honest means…Friends, lovers, family, even his children are all just pawns in his exploits…He needs people, especially a significant other….I’m not sure that that’s gender specific anymore. He could morph himself into whatever sexuality would allow him to benefit off someone….For money, a place to live, prestige, fun, whatever…as long as he’s receiving and the giving is endless….He seems to be smart when it comes to criminal thinking, however clueless and gullible himself to the same kinds of exploits he dishes out…..He has no emotional intelligence or insight or the ability to understand dynamics of human interactions, etc….. He has a cute, harmless, boy next door face and demeanor. He was able to keep his violent tendencies hidden behind extreme passivity…A classic Passive Agreesive, but when his tolerance level maxxed out he snapped and almost killed me in a robotic out of control switch into super Psycho mode…He threw me on my bed as he landed on top of me while cutting off my air supply with pillows held over my head….I was in shock and convinced that that was it for me, I was going to be another statistic, and he;d cry his way out of it, and say it was an accident or something….Well, I got away by the skin on his inner thigh I was barely able to pinch, he flinched, I gained leverage and ran to safety as he tried to get me back in his clutches….I was able to barely dial 911 before he ripped the phone out of the wall….I wasn’t sure if it went thru, but I lied and said it did…and he scrambled around and then took off on foot….There’s so much more, and he’s been able to get away with so much because of the uncanny lack of conscience that makes his false personhood so believable…He is a master of gaining trust and appearing harmless and sweet….This makes him even more dangerous….I now know that lying, stealing, cheating, deceiving were all just kid’s play…..He is not incapable of instantly taking a life….methodically, with no remorse or hesitation, should he not get his way……I knew he was NO GOOD, but I never thought he’d hurt me physically, much less try to snuff me out in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He continues to slip through the criminal justice system and keep “friends” in separate worlds, flipping back and forth in between back stabs, and making them believe his lies, stories of change and his act as a caring friend….This is just a tiny bit of this guy’s story….All he’s done and gotten away with!!! The list is endless…Theres’s so much more…………….. Don’t you be fooled…If you meet this person Run the other way!! Guys and Girls…Young, Old, any one is potential prey……

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