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James Hèimbecker Davidson , –

First Name : James
Last Name : Hèimbecker
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : Davidson
State : -
Country : CA
Email :
Phone : (306)993-2311
Alias 1 : D3ranged666
Alias 2 : Majicmurda
Alias 3 : R3aprs r3ject
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

James is a loser who fits this page to its core. He scored 3.7 out of 4 when given psychology today’s “dark triad test. A test which focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Use of the term “dark” implies that people possessing these traits have malevolent qualities. To which Jim clearly possesses enough which SHOULD warrant being institutionalized.
His delusion of his life and who he pretends to be , never takes long to pick up on. This is why he has no one.
His pathological compulsive lying , and betrayel. Is that of epic proportions. He literally gaslight his way through life…playong the hard done by used, sad sack victim… and passes the blame ever to delicately when he is caught… it’s his partners fault he is addicted to b********y and child poem via a dark web chaterbate site. Then he lies and denies even though… it’s all right there, and blames anyone and everyone else…like someone else did it.. etc etc… he even pretends his car is a standard when he drives making the motions and everything… he can’t get past his male lover and their cutesy exchanges everyday which are unsettling considering the r****d is married to a total hottie with a huge heart,can cook really great food and loves with her whole being.. he just uses her vulnerabilities against her to get his way and then isolates her controls everything tells her she isnt good for anything and that its her fault he doesnt want s*x with jer cause she expressed concern over why he wasn’t having intimate s**t with her, he flips out and makes it her fault by saying she bus complaining about it, and really she only asked what was up . He lied about EVERYTHING and changes his stories to match his lies… he will adamantly tell u the sky is green after at first meeting told u it was blue. He is that sociopathic and tests don’t lie. He even lies about hisbupbringing AGAJN playing the victim… stupid goof he gets about how his dad beat him as a child and he ran away from home at 14 but listen it will never match up and it turns out he wasn’t beat he was disciplined for being a dummy and wrecking all the toys his mom and dad bought him .. he was always wearing the best clothes and given s**t barely any got in his time… he was spoilt and pitched a fit and ram off and let some guy F%#K his @55 cause he felt he should but somehow he ends up back at home always even tho he gets about how hard it was for him being in his own since 14 …fucken pathetic.. his parents adopted his dumb a*s and he sits there like I’m gonna be like my dad and live forever, um him you stupid year….youdnt even know who tryout daddy is… Your hard working and giving adoptive father isn’t blood .. ur biological s**t nother couldn’t even tell u who it was on the forms of birth so assume ..your dad the biological blood one . Prob was like you and cause of such didn’t make it far… he takes injury and will so not a thing unless he wants to …he makes promises he never keeps is greedy and bosy and a theif …. he fabricated all of himself and then when he has you hooked and isolated then he shows his real self .. the absolute clinical psychopath of anyone nightmares… he is dark and insidious and will make up things to justify the garbage he dumps in you.. he will never back you up and throw u under the bus if he thinks thebeprson he doing it for is cooler than u… he has no empathy he just really does care he will pretend to…very well but he really has nothing…feels nothing cares about nothing. . He lied to people , telling then his wife sold his 2012 mustang convertible out from under him for 1000…bit it was repoed cause it costs quite a bit of money to pay 16 year old Swiss girls to pretend they like having s*x with great danes and donkeys, on the dark web… as well his truck also recently repoed, he tells everyone the transmission which was just replaced for 2000 (2011 dodge) blew… he is such a fake you never know … he like about E V E R Y T H I NG. he builds himself up when the home life is suddenly not well due to his entire life and illusionist ways being finally figured out in ENTIRETY by his wife…he then goes around bad mouthing her , cause he knows the gal gonna leave his goof a*s for WAYY greener pastures and cause his real life ways that were so insidious and fake and abusive he put her thru , deserve some kinda public retribution…so he has to try discredit her before she did anything …make he seem unstable and crazy …so whoever hears it won’t believe her… guess what u gross waste of life ur fat a*s can keep your facade alive cause u at my worth a lick of skin on the real man’s b***s she going out with tonight…the kind of man that’s solid gold and is really something …not pretending… good luck to any and all who fall victim to this pathetic warted gross sick in his psycho head , fake.

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