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Jack Morley Conway , New Hampshire

First Name : Jack
Last Name : Morley
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : Conway
State : NH
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (603)723-0529
Alias 1 : John Morley

Jack, or John, just had a penile implant put in last month at Dartmouth. He told everyone that he had a hernia repaired. I’m his sister-in-law and my sister told me he still has just a 2.2 inch erection, a real micropenis. She is looking for a guy with a normal p***s because Jack has been unable to satisfy her with a p***s that always falls out.

2 thoughts on “Jack Morley Conway , New Hampshire

  1. I’m Holly and I used to be married to Jack’s stepson. Anyway we tried to have s*x recently but his d**k kept falling out. So I measured it. His fully erect erection is just 2.2 inches long. LOL. I just gave up.

  2. My name is Jessica and I’m 17 and live next door to Jack. We’ve developed a strange relationship. He likes us to get naked. Then he lays in the tub. He masturbates while I pee on his little d**k. We do this every week when his wife is working. He gives me $50 and I take pictures of him that I share with my girlfriends and post on line.

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