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Hannah Kim Kansas City, Missouri

First Name : Hannah
Last Name : Kim
Gender : F
Age : 28
City : Kansas City
State : MO
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Alias 1 : Han Solo
Alias 2 : Modesoftransportation

I dated her for three months. She lied to me throughout the whole relationship she was an escort and did seeking Arrangements but yet always wanted accuse me of s**t. The first fight we had she tried to call her ex asking to help sabotage me in return for s*x. Then lied to me about it I had to find out if I hearing a voice mail a week later on her phone. She was on Snapchat 24/7, also when going through phone she deleted her location history and looked up how to delete it and her excuse was that she didn’t remember. Now she probably went through my phone four times as much as I went through hers. And every time I prove myself innocent she win cut herself and say bad Hannah out loud and I would have to pull the knife from her. The breakup ended really bad and two days after we broke up cuz I’m not going to lie I loved her and it was heartbroken she came over and come for me after I found out a friend died and we started making out and if so kissing her neck and she then whispered in my ear that she has been f*****g somebody else already and then smiled at me. She then tried to file to restraining orders on me lying saying that I detained her in a room and threw s**t at her. None of those things ever happened. And that she would make me stay in the room with her and threaten me with a knife to herself. So if you see this chick on any dating website in Kansas City be careful!

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