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Gen Teramoto Stockholm, –

First Name : Gen
Last Name : Teramoto
Gender : M
Age : 29
City : Stockholm
State : -
Country : SE
Alias 1 : Gen Gen Gen Teramoto
Alias 2 : donteramoto
Alias 3 : Gen

This psychopath will lure you in with his big fake smile, eccentric charm and good s*x skills (if you like the VERY violent kind) and he will present to you a persona which is, not him, but a reflection of yourself and you will fall for it beacause people like people who remind them of themselves, as he very well knows. This person will say A N Y T H I N G he thinks you want to hear and he will mix the truth with sprinkles of lies, and mix the lies with sprinkles of truth or he will just straight up lie to your face without blinking once. His manipulation skills are off the top (something he views as a compliment), where his eyes are supposed to be you will find soulless black holes. He is incapable of connecting with people and incapable of feeling love. He is an egotistical impulsive s*x addict who gets off on power and violence. He has been charged with violence against women, but he will tell you it was something else if you ask him. According to him, he is flawless and everything is someone elses fault. He has no remorse or emotional empathy an he has not been able to hold down a job or an apartment for more than a few months, he hasn’t been able to finish any educational program and he can’t keep longterm friends or girlfriends, because he always ends up hurting people and threatening to kill the people and the families to those he becomes closest to. He will tell you he has changed, but this person (or whatever you call it) will NEVER change. If you open your heart to him, he will CRUSH it when he gets bored, when you don’t provide him with what he wants or when you become too big of a threat to his web of lies. This is a warning to humanity. DON’T associate with this VERY REAL PSYCHOPATH.

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