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Gary Levermore Whitstable, –

First Name : Gary
Last Name : Levermore
Gender : M
Age : 54
City : Whitstable
State : -
Country : GB
Website 1 : click to view website

Where do I begin? THIS MAN IS A NARCISSIST. He’s been in countless short-term relationships with women, who he fooled into loving him by love bombing them into surrendering to his neediness for narcissistic supply. I say love bombing, but my experience was much closer to ‘s*x bombing’. He said everything you can imagine to me to get me to go out with him, including asking me to be his p**n star and perform sexual acts on him that he had seen online! This was in the first few weeks of us meeting! This grooming took place over a month whereby I was bombarded with graphic text messages and statements professing his undying love and neediness for me, which unfortunately were complete fabrications that I fell for.

But after that month or so he got bored and didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore; how convenient that he felt this way after I had fallen hopelessly in love with him while under his mind control! He then spent over a year pretending to be in love with me but not showing it in any form, until one day I forced the lie out of him. And yet even after that I still couldn’t get away, so controlled by his abuse was I. But I finally decided enough was enough when he started getting physically violent and exhibiting the surrounding emotional abuse of victim blaming for the violence, to the point he even said that if he hit with me an object, it didn’t count as assault and that I made him do it in any case! All his narc traits rubbed off onto me and even made me into an angry, hateful, vengeful person and I still suffer with this now.

This man can be summed up through the following facts: he impregnated his ex and told her he didn’t want an abortion, but then secretly wished for the child to die before he was even born, stating that at the ultrasound scan he was hoping that “there was nothing there” (his ex does not know he wished their son dead to this day); he regularly emotionally abuses an autistic child (his son) by making promises to contact him but not following through, leaving months and months to go by without even saying a word to him; he thinks women should be judged on their looks, calling them “ugly” and saying he only likes the beautiful ones (when he looks like a pile of puke himself); he dangles women on strings by promising them the world and then leaving them to pick up the pieces, giving them silent treatment as a form of psychological torture and abuse until they come back to him begging for more; he causes his victims to make huge sacrifices for him, like representing him in Court (he lost!) and not paying them a d**n penny for giving up all their time and resources…

There is so much more I can say but I’d rather not waste anymore time on this a*****e. He needs to be on a global wall of shame so all men, women and children can steer well clear of him!

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  1. I wrote this profile and I hereby declare I no longer agree with its content.


    The removal of the profile has been requested numerous times but every request has been ignored.

    This site is run by incompetents, I advise users not to post on here unless you’re completely sure as you can’t remove anything once it’s posted, even as the author!

  2. This profile has been requested for immediate removal by the author but no action has been taken by this website. The author no longer believes the content to be true and the profile should therefore be disregarded.

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