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Gabriel Miller Oak Lawn, Illinois

First Name : Gabriel
Last Name : Miller
Gender : M
Age : 27
City : Oak Lawn
State : IL
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (630)201-4598
Alias 1 : Gabriel J Miller
Alias 2 : Gabriel Jan Miller
Alias 3 : Gabe Miller
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

I’m going to tell you a story about a f*****g a*****e named Gabriel Miller. He lives at 5421 Franklin Ave in Oak Lawn, IL

A story of how a good woman with a normal life became a drug addict and s*x worker all because of this little polack bit ch

He lied that he was in love with me just so that he could fu ck me just because I was a virgin.

He lived 2 hours away and drove 5 hours to pick me up so that we could fu ck at his house. He forced me to stay there for 4 nights so he could fu ck me daily. He just HAD to take advantage of a virgin like a fuc king as shole!

He taunted me all day long about my mental and physical problems. He called me a “weirdo” and a “disappointment” for having social phobia and being unable to talk enough

Several times a day, I was told what a “weirdo” I was for my conditions. And told what a “weirdo” I was for getting too nervous to talk to him.

And he said daily how ashamed of myself I should be for disappointing him because I “wasn’t what he expected me to be.”

“Sometimes online, you think the person is going to be great, but it was just a big disappointment,” he said.

He taunted me about my body weight and the fact that I wasn’t toned and athletic enough for him. He bullied me accusing me of having an eating disorder.

He taunted me about my health condition that causes me to act “lazy,” he said.

He forced me to sleep in bed with him for 10 hours a night as he touched me se xually all day and told me to do disgusting acts with him because he “loved” me.

The encounter had a serious effect on me. I became so severely depressed that I was bedridden for 2 years. I couldn’t work or attend school. I had PTSD from the encounter. I wanted to kill myself after he f****d me.

He believed that what he did to me was justified because he “didn’t like me” and that’s all that matters. A selfish, useless piece of human trash that is Gabriel Miller. He also has a disgusting period and tampon fetish.

I couldn’t stand living with what the little as shole did to me and then abused illegal drugs heroin, fentanyl, Xanax, and was high all day every day.

I spend thousands of dollars from internet se x work to finance my addiction, so I could take drugs to forget the little as shole Gabriel.

I then had to be hospitalized for 1 week after overdosing on fentanyl. I wanted to kill myself because of what Gabriel did to me. Paramedics came to my house to revive me with Narcan, which is used to reverse opiate overdoses.

He f*****g gets EVRYTHING and abuse and take advantage of people like a sociopath. He has an amazing job as a Cisco worker while I do internet s*x work to fund my drug addiction hoping my body will get so damaged that I’ll never remember Gabriel! Or hopefully I’ll just die!

He doesn’t even think I’m a human being

I am still in tears daily with PTSD even 4 years after he f****d me. I am addicted to Xanax and have chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am permanently damaged mentally from this little f*****g as shole.

Thanks for ruining EVERYTHING for me little Polack a ss!

One thought on “Gabriel Miller Oak Lawn, Illinois

  1. Wow. that is a highly traumatic experience with this little as_shole! Gabriel Miller is a piece of human trash. I hope you get over it and get the help you need instead of turning to illegal drugs.

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