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Erin Davis Unknown, Washington

First Name : Erin
Last Name : Davis
Gender : F
Age : 30
City : Unknown
State : WA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Erin Block
Alias 2 : Erin Henderson

This B***h…oh man…she is just relentless..if she’s interested in you… She will not stop…she will go months or years a ghost..them out of no where.. Pop up and want to talk again.. She claims she only wants happiness.. But can’t seem to find it.. She flaunts herself only to gain attention Then she ghosts u again … And the best part if she wants you ..she don’t care if ur taken..she will keep on bugging u..saying she’s the best thing ur missing out on.. Then.. When u do break off and give her a chance she’s conveniently busy or has no time for u.. So she just basically gets u interested to break up ur relationships then bounces.

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