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Erica Marie Minton Gadsden, Alabama

First Name : Erica Marie
Last Name : Minton
Gender : F
Age : 23
City : Gadsden
State : AL
Country : US
Alias 1 : Erica M Minton
Alias 2 : Erica Marie Minton
Alias 3 : Erica Minton

This girl has no friends so she gets on the internet and lies to guys and begins a relationship with them and makes up so much BS… she has even had guys leave their relationships to come be with her and they soon find out she is nothing like what she portrays herself as. When they find out she’s not who she pretended to be, she just moves on to the next gullible guy. People should beware of this woman. Erica Marie Minton has no conscience!!

2 thoughts on “Erica Marie Minton Gadsden, Alabama

  1. Wait…you didn’t say she was a goldigger or hurt you in any way so….you got to be with a sexy ads young woman who probably was good in bed. What’s the problem again? Assuming you were close in age, you should be fine with it, move on to the next and happy you could get a hottie like that even if only for a little while lol. You still got your money and health. All is well young grasshopper lol.

  2. So many f****n loser / hater douche bagsuse this site improperly, this does not make her psycho you !! The desperate f**k stain posting her probrobly needs to be looked into though.

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