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Dohnovan Griffin Vinton, Virginia

First Name : Dohnovan
Last Name : Griffin
Gender : M
Age : 18
City : Vinton
State : VA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Fuck boy
Alias 2 : Fat ass
Alias 3 : Ugly bitch

He lives in a dirty a*s house he never takes a shower me and him had s*x one day and he smelled so bad, he has a little d**k and he likes to play girls. He will date one then cheat on them with two other girls. Myself doesn’t see why he gets girls because to be honest he’s ugly as f**k, he thinks he’s a thug and thinks he’s the shot and can beat everyone up he wishes he could…never talk or date this f**k boy he says he has a kid but he doesn’t have a kid he lies about having a kid! He’s just a straight f**k boy.

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