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Dhileep Abeygoda Vancouver, –

First Name : Dhileep
Last Name : Abeygoda
Gender : M
Age : 36
City : Vancouver
State : -
Country : CA
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (604)356-0375

Selfish manipulative a*****e who will lie and manipulate to get close to you. Once in a position where he can have maximum damage he will slowly start to prey on his victim’s weakness. As a skilled manipulative narcissist, he will convince you that anything that you do well in fact makes you flawed, isolate you from your support network but telling you “they aren’t good enough for you”. He says everything he does and says is to “help” you which is textbook narcissism. Stay away from this dirt bag exercise for a human being. He has admitted to having zero empathy and jokes that he is a sociopath. Stay away. He will destroy your life.

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