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Dhileep Abeygoda Perth, –

First Name : Dhileep
Last Name : Abeygoda
Gender : M
Age : 36
City : Perth
State : -
Country : AU
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (604)356-0375
Alias 1 : Leepster
Alias 2 : Leepster_a
Alias 3 : Leeps

Selfish manipulative a$$h0le who will lie and manipulate to get close to you. Once in a position where he can have maximum damage he will slowly start to prey on his victim’s weakness. As a skilled manipulative narcissist, he will convince you that anything that you do well in fact makes you flawed by highlighting all the disadvantages of your interests, hobbies and telling you they are they are barriers for the relationship to take the next step forward, and working hard to convince you that you shouldn’t be doing these things. He will isolate you from your support network by picking apart your friends and family and telling you “they aren’t good enough for you” so that you spend less time with them and have no one else to turn to. He says everything he does and says is to “help” you which is textbook narcissism because he believes only his way can be the right way. Stay away from this dirt bag excuse for a human being. He has admitted to having zero empathy and jokes that he is a sociopath. He uses his skills to emotionally abuse the people closest to him, while everything he says and does it really to reach his most important goal is how he appears to be a “nice guy” image to everyone else. Stay away. He will destroy your life.

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