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Deshi Sarabjeeth Johannesburg, –

First Name : Deshi
Last Name : Sarabjeeth
Gender : M
Age : 31
City : Johannesburg
State : -
Country : ZA
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (072)345-6789

Hiding behind a mask is Deshi Sarabjeeth … Every attempt to reach him either through different formats such as by E-mail or by cellphone has been met with little success since there is no response from him or calls never get picked up by him. Why is he hiding? He has been caught yet again at my girlfriends residence this weekend.

In essence Deshi Sarabjeeth is a stealer and crook and a cheater. This complaint I make is to warn others about him and that he should never, ever, ever be trusted ever again by anyone including his employers at any time at all. He works for PSG wealth in the financial operations department and spends hours on his phone manipulating and convincing my girlfriend and other girls to see him and visit for s*x either at their home or his. Please keep your girlfriend / wife / sister or loved ones away from this man !

He claims that he has severe back injuries and problems in his life to make women feel sorry for him and do him favours and just jumps from one relationship to the next sometimes not even telling a woman it is over. He is from Pietermaritzburg and lives with his cousin in Randburg , Johannesburg and pulls in women with his sad stories. S*x is all he wants from ANY beautiful woman and my precious girlfriend fell for this innocent face and smooth sweet talks. How many other girls are being manipulated by him, we donot know, please women, don’t be stupid and do not trust so easily. He wants to manipulate you women for all the s*x and attention he can posibbly get from as many women as possible. You will only be sorry and damaging your relationships and life by trusting this man.

People who maliciously lie and use other’s trust & generosity should not just be able to walk away with no worries…

I will be contacting his superiors and HR at PSG to advise them of what their employee Deshi Sarabjeeth has been doing during his work time and using the company’s resources such as e-mail and internet to manipulate and destroy other peoples relationships and lives. This is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with.

He is a devious manipulator, who with his manipulative tactics and ways sets up strife, confusion, and division between people and couples causing them to separate and be in conflict with each other. In addition, he is a cheater who has been unfaithful and disloyal before but secretly tries to keep it away from public knowledge lest they find out how deceiving he has always been. This has been confirmed by his ex-girlfriend’s who sadly admits that he was a pathetic human being to be with in their past and he put them through h**l with his devious ways, habits and intentions. This serpent-man in disguise feels that he can get away and escape all of the wickedness that he has done but this report is here to expose him. Deshi Sarabjeeth is a two-faced, shady, and unethical b*stard who should be distrusted in the greatest of all ways and whose rottenness is now exposed for all to both know about and to see because if garbage and trash had a name it would be named, Deshi Sarabjeeth for sure.

Oh and defamation ? Bring it on…your nuts! You better hope you don’t get sued for all the foul things you have done! Everyone that you screwed and performed filthy s*x acts upon served your purpose. Then when they realize how they were used and degraded by a broken back ape face from the zoo then they will speak up.

Do you have a family? do you have a Mother and Father or sisters and brother? Don’t you care what they think of you ? Don’t you care if you end up disgracing your own family? I guess you don’t.

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