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Datinga Psychos Moronville, California

First Name : Datinga
Last Name : Psychos
Gender : M
Age : 32
City : Moronville
State : CA
Country : US
Email : [email protected]
Phone : (212)457-4120
Alias 1 :
Website 1 : click to view website

Okay so here we have a group of people to like to slander and defamation are one-sided story don’t post anything anyone says so make up whenever you want say what you want they’re going to tell you we can’t take that away because we believe these people i
. These dumbasses will post anything on their website no matter what they’re about as smart as a fighting to what bulb in a power failure can see the intelligence put into this website dum dum and even dumber even a court of law you can be sued you’re doing exactly what you retards are posting on this site you need to be bitched slapped from one Coast to the other and back you are what Society calls trash total trash and only a loser would use your website I think meeting you in person would be the highlight of any one’s day cuz I’m sure your smug faces would be wiped totally clean and your head’s probably flushed down a toilet like a piece of c**p that you are that’s just a perspective why don’t you do something good for society why don’t you do something good with your lives you’re idiots and you deserve to be on the most cycle list areas you need to be locked up permanently to destroy people’s lives posting them on this stupid site

One thought on “Datinga Psychos Moronville, California

  1. Hey couldn’t be more on man these people are retards with a capital r someone to bang their heads together kick him in the b***s stretch monitor heads and shove it in their b**t G*d d**n stupid are they where’s website on Earth you can’t do that to people you dumb f**k all one day someone catches your a*s gives you the beating of your life urine

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